Hello, In Duval County Fl.

Hello, In Duval County Fl.
On Oct 13th. I looked at a room for rent month to month in a ladies house.
We agreed on $475. per mo. for myself and my fiance.
On Oct. 14th. my fiance sent her $200. via Paypal to go towards rent as she was letting me move in before making the full payment. (my fiance was coming on the weekend)
Oct. 15th I moved more things in.
Oct. 16th I told her this afternoon I would finish moving in after work and give her $200. more.
Shortly after (maybe an hour) my fiance said we could’nt move in. He said there were to many sexual preditors nearby. I then told the lady this in our online chat communication.
I went to her house and picked up all my things, she left them in her porch.
Are we entitled to our $200. back? Nothing was signed, I was naive to what could happen if I come home late.
Thank you for you time and expertise. 🙂

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  1. you are not entitled to it back. actually, you agreed to rent for the month, so you owe her 275

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