Hi. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I am under rent control. I am on a month to month lease and gave my 30 days notice to terminate tenancy. The landlord said I have to give 60 days per my lease. Rent control regulations state I only have to give the same amount of notice as time between rent payments which for me is 30 days. Does the lease supercede rent control? Or am I only required to give 30 days notice? Thanks

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  1. Without reading the ordinance, I can’t tell you for sure, but generally the whole point of rent control laws is to supersede leases. So I would say the law governs.

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  2. Rent control laws void certain terms in a lease; the Courts have upheld the ability of rent control laws to invalidate contracts, so if your local rent control clearly states you need give only 30 days notice then that is your only obligation.

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