I had purchased a car 9-19-08 .

I had purchased a car 9-19-08 . The certificate of title is in my name and there is no lien holder. On the bill of sale they had sold the car to me for $1. But really wanted $5000. I have paid $1500 to date. They are unhappy with the payments and there is no written agreement. They now want the car back. Is there any way if we went to court they would win it back ?

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  1. It is very surprising that the bill of sale mention the price of car purchased by you as $1. Be that as it may, if there is no written agreement by you to pay $5000 to the seller, then they can not probably force you through Court to either pay said money or take back the car if you can show that you have paid them the price of car as mentioned on documents. However, you may have to explain the unusually low price at which you purchased the car. Pls check if there is typing error in printing cost on Bill of Sale.

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