Is this lease invalid?

Is this lease invalid?
Virginia lease agreement. Tenants are listed as my husband & I. Husband signed it, but I never did due to concerns. Made numerous attempts to meet Landlord (LL) to discuss, but she never met w/ me (too busy). Lived here 1 month (paid rent on time), but due to non-responsive LL, we want to move. Will forfeit deposit = 1 mo rent. LL initially agreed to release us as long as I found a new tenant. Found 4 good applicants, but she thwarted deals by not returning their calls,etc. Again – non-responsive.
Clause in lease says “The Lease(L) will not be considered valid by the LL, until EVERY signing tenant (T) and co-signee listed at the beginning of this L has signed and returned his/her L copy. In the event that one or more T’s listed at the top of this L fails to sign and return their copy of the L, the other T’s will not be forced, by virtue of their returned signatures, to assume responsibility for the residence. Subsequently, in the event of such a circumstance, all listed perspective T’s forfeit possession of the residence.”

Does this clause make lease invalid or can we be held liable for year’s rent because we lived here for 1 month?

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    The provision which you’ve cited may give you an early way out of this lease without penalty, but before you vacate the premises prematurely, I would arrange(if I were you)to have an attorney appropriately experienced in Virginia landlord-tenant matters review the lease and advise you, accordingly.

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    Attorney & Counsellor at Law
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