lease termination I have with my tenant one year written lease agreement for…

lease termination
I have with my tenant one year written lease agreement for condo apartment from November, 1 2000 to October, 31 2001. Then verbally I let her stay ….We did not sign any agreements more.
Now I placed on market my condo and gave her 30 day notice. She does not want to vacate my property untill October 31, 2006.

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  1. Re: lease termination
    You need to sue the tenant in a holdover proceeding. It can get tricky if the tenant has kids or other circumstances that would give her more time to move out.

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  2. Re: lease termination
    In effect your tenant currently has a month-to-month lease. You need to give the tenant written notice of termination with at least 30 days prior notice and you cannot collect further rent, as each time you collect rent you create a new month term for your leasehold.

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  3. Re: lease termination
    I concur with the comments of the other attorneys. To summarize, you must give “statutory notice” to the tenant. If the tenant thereafter fails to vacate the property, you may then initiate an eviction proceeding.

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  4. Re: lease termination
    Depending on the type of notice you served on the tenant, you may still be required to serve a proper 30 Day Notice to Vacate. You are dealing with a monthly tenancy and there are specific statutes that must be followed for a proper eviction if tenant refuses to leave. This area of law is our specialty, however, we would need some more information before making a complete and proper determination. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

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