What can I file/ do?

What can I file/ do?
I own a golf cart that I recently had a buyer for, I have a written contract between him and I. The contract stated that after all repairs are completed, new paint, backseat intalled, lights and the cart is properly wired they will pay the rest of the money owed on the cart. Now they have backed out of the contract and had their attorny send me a letter stating that they are going to file a suit against me for $450.00 (which is the down payment for parts) and they told their attorny that they own the cart. I have the original bill of sale for the cart and all the recipts for the work completed. I never sold them the cart yet. They are trying to sue me for forgery (on the contract), the $450.00 back, and they said they own the cart. What can I do or file?

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    I would suggest that you arrange for a lawyer to
    review this contract with somewhat confusing facts and who can advise you, accordingly.

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