Building being sold.

Building being sold. Is my business protected without lease?
I have owned and operated a business in my town for 15 years. The building I rent from consists of 2 store fronts and 4 apartments. The owner of the store front says she is buying the building on a land contract, as she wants to expand her business and combine my store with her’s. I’ve rented my store based on a 1 year lease until 2 years ago. At that time, neither the landlord nor I pursued it, as I had been there for so many years. My question is, how long does the new owner have to give me to move my business elsewhere, as I do not have a present lease. I live in a small town with few commercial vacancies. I feel that given the length of time I’ve rented from this landlord, I should have been give an appropriate notice that the building was being sold. Do I have any rights?

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  1. Re: Building being sold. Is my business protected without lease?
    If you have been paying rent monthly, without a lease, you have created a month-to-month rental, and the landlord must give you one-month’s notice before eviction.

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