1st & 2nd DOT Live in Calif.

1st & 2nd DOT
Live in Calif. divorce final in 60 days. I got the house, wife got the 2nd mortgage. 2nd mortgage is interest only payments until 2011 then a balloon payment of $60,000 due.

Question:(s) Can I have wife sign quit claim deed and take her name off DOT on 1st mortgage. Do I remove my name off 2nd DOT.

When Judge ordered wife responsible for 2nd he put in a hold harmless clause what does that mean to me. Any thing I need to know other than if she default on 2nd they could very well force me to sell home.


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  1. Re: 1st & 2nd DOT
    I would probably consult with an attorney for some analysis prior to signing your judgment and finalizing your divorce.

    It’s probably a bad idea to enter a judgment without fully knowing what you are required to do.

    Good luck.

    As always please consult a qualified attorney before taking legal steps.

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  2. Re: 1st & 2nd DOT
    I’d need to review your order to be of any use. Contact my office, if you’d like me to review it and provide some feedback.

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