Medical records of deceased mother My mother passed away quite suddenly of…

Medical records of deceased mother
My mother passed away quite suddenly of breast cancer. Both my sister (who has power of attorney) and I have called the oncologist who treated our Mom and left messages for the doctor to call us. My Mother had 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters we want information to tell our doctors. The doctor has not returned any of our phone calls.
How can we proceed to get this necessary information? My sister does have power of attorney and is the personal representative of our Mother’s estate.

Neglect Does FL.

Does permit an adult child to sue a hospital/doctor for neglect I feel resulted in the death of my mother?? Mom was 69 y.o., had COPD in end-stage emphsyema, had 3 compression fractures. She had been hosptialized many times for emphysema. Each time she was treated and discharged to home. This particular time the doctor talked of putting in a central line to provide her nutrition/hydration but never did, no IV fluids either. Everyday her condition deteriorated. She was unable to eat. Records showed 0 under intake. I spoke with the doctor and asked why he hadn’t put in a central line for nutritional/hydration. He said he’d put in a one if I wanted him to. Of course I did. However, after evaluation, the surgeon said that it was too little too late; the procedure may worsen her condition. One and a half days later, she died. I had seen her in and out of the hosptial many times under these same conditions, and each time they were very focused on her nutritional status. This time it appeared they just wrote her off. I know it was not my mother’s wish to die, as she discussed this with the doctor when she was admitted. And she had no Advanced Directives either.