international wire-transfer my business completed a transaction.

international wire-transfer
my business completed a transaction. payment w/a wire-transfer from London to U.S. was intercepted by a local London-based UN office. Citing article 102, section 36 sub-section IV of the 2001 financial and allied matters decree 20, they require a payment to obtain an anti-terrorist clearance certificate and indemnity bond clearance fund certificate. i had never heard of this before. how do i find out if they are legitimate or if this is some scamers who intercepted a business transaction? will i need a US attorney to step in to inform the London bank of a possible scam?

Need Leagal help on International dispute trial location.

Need Leagal help on International dispute trial location.
I have a property in India which was ownership disputed by mafia in India. An Indian,
(an other member of the same mafia) came on visit visa to NY & agreed to buy my property in as it is condition. He put down earnest money and agreed to pay the rest in 45 days otherwise his earnest money will be forfeited
On paying the balance I, agreed to give the buyer General power of attorney attested at Indian consulate NY, to the seller to follow up in Indian court.
Another clause is also in the agreement that if there arises any dispute on agreement that would be resolved in New York. The agreement was written on plain paper and was notarized in New York.
The buyer could not manage the balance payment in 45 days, and filed conjunction in court in India/Jalandhar from his associate, against this agreement, to have an excuse to protect his earnest money.
Now this buyer after a year, file claim against me with damage, In India to involve me in Litigation and stopping from selling my property.
I want legal help defend as:
Since he had agreed to buy for a price of as it is, did not pay balance in 45 days, hence earnest money is forfeited.
The dispute could not try in court in India. I am US citizen and as per agreement any dispute wa