notice to quit In PA.

notice to quit
In PA. notice to quit are supposed to be mailed CERTIF- IED. Since when did our judicial send police to hand deliver notice to quit. Has the law in PA. changed where polic can take te place of lower courts. ”if tenant breaks any lease, each tenant agrees to give up the right to have a notice to leave, also known as notice to quit. The landlord may file a lawsuit in COURT asking for a COURT ORDER evicting the tenant[s] from the leased property.” The landlord can only evict tenant by court action. Is this the law? If not then what is..?

Legal action against tenant My girlfriend and I who are engaged to be married…

Legal action against tenant
My girlfriend and I who are engaged to be married soon had a rental agreement with a tenant for an apartment. The same day my girlfriend was suppose to move in the tenant said he changed his mind because he didn’t like the looks of my girlfriends Van. The Van was an older model and only had a bumper off on the back. The tenant told us there was no way that the Van could sit in front of his apartments. Even though my girfriend and I had not sign a contract for rental there was a verbal agreement made as well as the tenant telling us to go ahead and have all the utilities changed over to our name and there was a handshake. It cause embarrassment for us because of several reasons including having to reverse utilities back over. I was very embarrassed of reasons to the utility companies why I had to get mt deposits back.Are there any legal action I can take such as discrimmination???

Can PG&E refuse to turn on services?

Can PG&E refuse to turn on services?
My roommate has not been living in our apartment we share for over 2 months. I pay the rent, he pays the electric and gas/water. The rental contract was in his name, and recently got changed over in my name. The electric/gas and water are in his name. I went to PG&E a week ago today for services to be turned on, with a $150.00 deposit and faxing the rental agreement along with my license and S.S. card. I was told that I would be turned on. A call came in today from PG&E stating I was declined services. I work full time in pipeline, in 100* heat and need the electric going to run my air conditioner and cook my meals. With being refused services from this large company, do I have a claim of some sort? I need my electric to survive! Please advise me what to do..thank you…