2-year lease required?

2-year lease required?
I don’t know if this is specific to Montgomery Cty or to Md state, but I understand residential leases have be for at least 2 years. I am planning to renovate and rent out a house that will be held in an LLC of which my disabled sister is the owner. (I am the manager of the LLC and her legal guardian.) If she is able to live on her own again before the two years are up, can she move in there? Is there a provision for owner move-in?

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    I am not familiar with any provision in Maryland statutes that state that residential leases have to be for two years. I have personally entered into residential leases and have had landlord clients with lease disputes and upon reviewing their leases have found no such restrictions.

    Regarding “holding the house as a LLC”, unless your sister has conveyed the property to the LLC, she has still retained ownership.

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