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    After 3 days from the date of service, you can file an unlawful detainer action. If you fax to me all of your documentation to 714 363 0229, I will provide you with free consultation and can answer all of your questions and explain the procedure. If I am not in at 714 363 0220, please speak with Barry, an attonrey in my office.

    Larry Rothman
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    After the expiration of the three day period, you must file an unlawful detainer action. You can obtain the forms used to file the action from your local courthouse (many courts also have informational material on what steps you need to take). Basically you will need to file a complaint, have a summons issued, and serve a copy of both on the tenant. The tenant then has 5 days to answer. If no answer is filed by the tenant, you will need to file a request for entry of default, and obtain a writ of execution for possession of the property. The writ is then served on the tenant and, if the tenant has not vacated the premises within the time specified in the writ, the levying authority (a marshall or sheriff) will physically remove the tenant from the premises.

    Roy Hoffman
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    If they do not pay or move out, you need to file an unlawful retainer action in court.

    Ken Koenen
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