Broken Lease.

Broken Lease. Please Read !!!!!
I have a rental property in Hemet California and my tenants were on a Month to Month lease. Per the contract, both parties had to give a 30 day notice if either party wanted out of the contract. I received a call from the tenant on March 11th advising that she had moved out. I would like LEGAL representation to file in small claims court for me in Hemet California for March’s rent. Please email me with your retainer information in reference to filing for me. My email address is Thank you.

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    There is no need to hire an attorney to do this. You can fill out the forms at the court’s website and file the forms yourself or mail them to the court with the appropriate fee. You can ask the court to serve the papers via certified mail or hire a process server or have the Sheriff’s Department serve the papers.

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  2. Re: Broken Lease. Please Read !!!!!
    An attorney cannot represent you in small claims court.

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    If you have a security deposit from the tenant, you may apply that to the last month’s rent. If it is short, then take her to small claims court for the 11 days in March that she did not pay. Good luck.

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