Buying a home We purchased a mobile home in a mobile home community.

Buying a home
We purchased a mobile home in a mobile home community. The owners were supposed to be out on Thursday 10/25/07, they have ran into several things that is holding them there. My husband even volunteered to drive the moving van to Tennessee for them, because the person that was supposed to drive it was not able to. The elderly woman and her belongings are on there way to Tennessee. Her son is still in the mobile home. His mother has paid lot rent until 11/1 but I now own the mobile home. Am I able to ask him to leave? He was never the owner and was not on the lease with the community.

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    Without knowing what was agreed upon at the closing, it is hard to fully respond. Generally, if someone remains in a residence after a closing an extended occupancy agreement is entered between the parties which sets forth the terms of the agreement including the length of the time they may stay. If the party fails to honor the agreement, a penalty provision is provided.

    If they violated this agreement or if one was never entered into, you will have to provide the son with a three day notice to vacate and then file for an eviction against him in a court of law. Whomever represented you in this transaction should have protected you better from this happening.

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    yes and seek eviction.

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