Can He Raise My Rent after 6 months?

Can He Raise My Rent after 6 months?
When my family moved here, my boyfriend and I signed
a year lease, the house was for sale. So his girl-
friend comes over with a 6 month lease, we signed
knowing it was wrong because we didn’t trust them.
Now that our lease is up, he raises the rent $70 and
wants to change our lease to month to month. He claims the money will be for repairs.I doubt it and
it is getting messy! My lease is up 7/28, if I don’t
sign it can he evict us? It is a 12% increase, we’ve
payed on time, if not early, and are good tenants.My
lease says he has 120 days to notify us of nonrenewal.He is breaking his own contract,and has
not gave me a moments of peace. HELP!!

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  1. Re: Can He Raise My Rent after 6 months?
    i would need to see the lease agreement that you did sign to give you a complete answer. I also need to know if the landlord also lives at the property. Fax it to me with information on how I can contact you. 973-596-1781 fax.

    Bruce Gudin
    Levy Ehrlich & Petriello, Esqs.
    60 Park Place, Suite 1016
    Newark, NJ 07102-5504

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