can i be held for extortion?

can i be held for extortion?
contract for deed. paid $3000. ws in house for little over year, subrented to friend when i left to reconcile with exhusband. came back within 3 months and found friend had become drug addict, not paid payments, instead bartering for the house payment with deed holder, insurance had not been kept up…..deed holder was working with me to evict tenant and paying back payment due. friend called bank and informed them that there had been no insurance on house(which i was unaware of)-deed holder informed me that both her and i needed to evacuate house that our contract was considered broken. due to drug issues i walked from house with my children. my ‘friend’ remained in house for over a year after that. my contract stated that i was to receive written notice of any errors against contract-payment arrears, insurance, and upkeep. after written notice i was to have 30 days to correct. this process was not followed. deed holder did not do anything legal to end contract. recently i was notified that they needed my signature to sell house. i informed broker that i would like my down payment back since our contract was broken in illegal way. being told today that i am an extortionist and deed holder’s father is taking me to court. advise

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    You need an attorney to review the contract you had

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