can landlord require me to sign a new lease?

can landlord require me to sign a new lease?

My landlord would like me to sign another year lease but I prefer to go month to month. On April 1, I will have fulfilled the year lease. I also had a previous lease with this landlord on the same unit, and have lived here a total of 4 years.

My current lease states under ”Notice of Termination”: ”Upon 30 days’ notice before the contract end date or thereafter, for good cause, Tenant or Landlord may terminate this lease.”

It also states, under ”Holdovers”: ”If Tenant holds over on termination of this lease and Landlord accepts Tenant’s tender of the rent provided by this lease, this lease shall continue to be binding on the parties as a rental period to rental period agreement.”

It also states: ”No changes, additions or subtractions from conditions of this agreement shall take effect unless mutually agreed upon in writing.”

He also raised the rent, which I assume he is able to do without me signing a new lease. Thanks.

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  1. Re: can landlord require me to sign a new lease?
    No, your landlord cannot require you to sign a new lease when the old one terminates. But you should be aware that under the “Holdovers” clause,
    the “rental period to rental period agreement refers to a month to month arrangement which the landlord can terminate at any time with 30 days notice to you.

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