can this possibly be legal?

can this possibly be legal?????
If I hold a legal private land contract, and the holder of the mortgage wants to evict me, and files in the supreme court to have me evicted, and than, prior to any court action on his filing, removes and destroys my personal property, with no notice, CAN the police and DA’s office ignore my claims of burglary and theft by the lien holder? Was he within his rights to destroy my belongings? Or, as i beleive, once the case was presented to court, I had a reasonable expectation of privacy and notification???? Please help!!!!!!!

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    The police can not be forced to file a claim. You can ask to speak to a supervisor or go to the district attorneys office to file a complaint.

    You do have a cause for civil damages. You do need to hire an attorney, the sooner the better.

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    You need to seek legal counsel immediately. There is a civil cause of action for conversion that you can bring. If the police did not act, you cannot force their hand (in most cases).

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