Dear Sir/Madam,

This is pertaining to land in Worth County,…

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is pertaining to land in Worth County, Georgia:

A friend of mine (Lisa) and her husband have lived on an acre of land owned by Lisa’s father in law for their entire married life (30 years). They have taken care of her mother in law through sickness and death, then her father in law through sickness and death. They maintained the property grounds, etc., without help from the other siblings.

In 1984, the father in law had the acre of land surveyed for Lisa and her husband, but never followed through with putting the acre in their name. Lisa and her husband have lived there all these years in a singlewide mobile home, which they own.

Lisa’s father in law recently expired, and since there was no will, the siblings made one of the male children, the administrator of the estate. (I believe that there are 6 living children and 3 grandchildren of a deceased child).

Lisa and her husband received a notice yesterday 08/26/09, stating that they had 60 days to remove themselves from the property.

Lisa and her husband work lower level jobs and have never had alot of material things. Having to move their mobile home will be a great expense for them, one that without help, they cannot afford to do.

Would there be some kind of ‘right’ to stay on this property? Afterall, they have lived here in this same spot for 30 years.

The administrator of the estate has already disposed of numerous items without disclosing to whom or for what value (if any).

Lisa and her husband also are attempting to pay the remaining funeral expense themselves. (I have advised her to have the remaining bill sent to the administrator of the estate.)

Lisa and her husband had requested to be able to purchase the acre of land out of their share of the estate, but were told that they could not by the administrator.

Any advise that you could give me for my friend would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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This is pertaining to land in Worth County,…

  1. Likely Lisa loses because there was no will and no deed, but she should go see a lawyer locally IMMEDIATELY to review details.

    Glen Ashman
    Ashman Law Office
    2791 Main Street EAST POINT
    Atlanta, GA 30344

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