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    There are general forms you may be able to locate and purchase on the internet, however, they are general and would not necessarily be specific or as protective as you desire for your particular set of circumstances. If you would like prompt, affordable legal drafting of such a document, fully protecting you, contact our office today for a free phone consultation.

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    What you are requesting is an exculpatory agreement, in the form of a waiver or release from liability. Such a document is a contract and subject to the rules of contract interpretation. Thus,the language contained in the contract is critical in determining its validity. Such documents may be attacked on the ground that the waiver and/or release agreement fails to clearly and unequivocally express the parties’ intent among other things. Accordingly, competent counsel should be consulted with regard to the drafting of an enforceable exculpatory agreement, particularly in the case where you will be using the same document repeatedly with multiple customers.

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