Doublewide on land to be foreclosed.

Doublewide on land to be foreclosed.
I own a doublewide mobile home in McLennen County. The acreage that this home is on is about to be foreclosed on in December. I owe back payments on the land itself. The land is owner financed and is seperate from the home financing. I don’t have enough money to bring the land payments to date, nor do I have enough to move the home itself to another location. The home is current to this month on payments. We want to move from the area but don’t know how to handle the mobile home itself. My wife and I are willing to let the land go. And hope that maybe the land owner will have to pickup the cost of the mobilehome. Is there any inofrmation on this type of situation for reference?

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    Call your mobile home finance company. They may prefer to pick it up.

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