Eviction of Tenants.

Eviction of Tenants.
I just bought two investment properties in Spalding CO., Ga. I need to evict present tenants to do total renovations,(probably). How long must I give them to vacate premises? 30 days was the notice i gave them ,I was told by them they get 60 days by law, which is it? I cant find the answer anywhere, they have NO LEASE of any kind, verbal month to month, basis at an exremely LOW rent, the rent will go up!

thanks, laklvr4x4

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    60 days notice for tenants at will. Thats the law in Ga. Landlords (LL) have to give tenants 60 days notice, however, tenants at will only have to give LLs 30 days notice. We have an article on our website that describes LL/T relations. http://www.woodandmeredith.com

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  2. Re: Eviction of Tenants.
    Mr. Wood is exactly correct. In case you want to look it up, it is O.C.G.A. Sec. 44-7-7.

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