guest priveleges I am 24 yrs.

guest priveleges
I am 24 yrs. old and rent a room in a private home in New Jersey. There is no written lease; I pay month to month. My landlord will not allow me to have any guests, male or female, at any time of day. I find this rule to be extremely unreasonable and have told the landlord as much. The landlord’s reply was that because it is her private home and we share a front door, the landlord will not ever allow a guest (esp. one of the opposite sex). Isn’t it my right to have the occasional guest, especially if we are not being bothersome?

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    Unless your Landlord (Home Owner) has a Certificate of Occupany for a Rooming House, She/He is probably in violation of local housing codes for renting a room to a Tenant. The consequences of which could be costly to her. The local building official may fine her weekly until you move out. I know of no case which directly addresses your question on whether she/he can prevent you from having guests over. If you want to risk getting evicted because of the illegal occupancy, you may want to ask her nicely that you would like to have a guest over on occasion… otherwise you are going to look into your rights and contact the town hall about what rights you have renting a room in her house. That may let her know that she/he is better off being reasonable as to not bring in the building inspector’s rath upon her.

    Good Luck.

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