Hello. I purchased a small condo a couple years ago in Michigan with the intention of eventually moving out and having my sister (who has serious health problems and cant afford rent) live there. Recently, the president of the Condo Association has been complaining about too many units being turned into rentals in the complex and said that my sister could never move in because then my unit would be considered a rental. Initially, when I purchased the property my real estate agent said it wouldn’t be a problem having my sister live there because I could simply have a “land contract” written up. Is a land contract really the solution? Should I seek an attorney?

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  1. Add her to the property via deed. As long as you can fully trust her, she becomes a co-owner and can certainly live there. If she passes, the property goes to back to you. If you pass, the property will go to her, however. Visit http://www.kliszlaw.com to get started on this process. Tim Klisz

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