I bought a ATV vehicle on Craigslist.

I bought a ATV vehicle on Craigslist. The seller didn’t have the title at hand but signed a Bill of sale and told us that the ATV has no Lein. We went to the DMV and they cannot issue duplicate of title because there is a lein on the vehicle. The seller fled and is no longer at the resident. I found her number and contacted her. I also have emails from her about this. She is unwilling to help or refund the cash. She rudely just doesnt care. She got $3500 from us. Is there anything we can do? This was sold on a Internet classified ad and paid for with cash.

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  1. I bet you didn’t even look at her driver’s license, and you have no idea where she lives, so you won’t be able to serve her with a lawsuit. $3500 is less than they charge for tuition at some colleges. Expensive lesson.

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