I have a contract with Publish America.

I have a contract with Publish America. Because I asked for them to fix the text in the book they stopped producing my book. I have attached a part of the contract, Can you tell if according to the contract the contract is cancelled and they have no more publishing rights to my book.
Notwithstanding the reversion of publishing rights to Author, Author’s remaining obligations to Publisher, including the warranties and indemnifications provided in paragraph 23 shall survive the discontinuation of the book pursuant to this paragraph.
23. Warranties and Indemnification: The Author covenants and represents that the Work contains no matter that, when published, will incite prejudice, amount to an invasion of privacy, be libelous, obscene, or otherwise unlawful, or which will infringe upon any proprietary interest at common law, trademark, trade secret, patent or copyright; that the Author is the sole proprietor of the Work and all parts thereof (or has obtained all necessary permissions), has reached the age of majority and has full power to make and perform this grant and agreement, and that the Work is free of any lien, claim, charge or debt of any kind, and that the Author and his legal successors and/or representatives will hold harmless and keep indemnified the Publisher
from all manner of claims, proceeding and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, which may be taken or incurred by Publisher on the ground that the covenants above are not true or that the Work is subject to any such lien, claim, charge or debt, or that it is such violation, or that it contains anything defamatory or illegal.

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  1. You should have an attorney review the entire agreement.

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