I have a month to month lease.

I have a month to month lease.It states if i am 2 months delinquent with rent i can be evicted immediately.I owe 700 for Jan(out of 1200).And 1200 for feb and now 1200 for march.I gave my 30 day notice to vacate by April12th,as it states i can give 30 day notice to vacate.The landlord is saying that he can remove me immediately,without going to court,just basically saying i will be removed as of March 31st.he also harassed my visitors the other day saying they were blocking the driveway.They were not,and they were just dropping my son off at home,and were in the driveway less than 2 minutes. I am on disabilty as well and am basically trying to vacate and go on a payment plan to pay the remaining rent.The landlord wants no part of it and is saying i will have to leave march 31st.Does he need to go through the courts to eveict me or can he just kick me out?I live in Va.

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  1. Your landlord could be personally liable to you in civil damages if he attempts to evict you without a proper order from the court and a writ of possession for the premises.

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