I have been served with Eviction papers.

I have been served with Eviction papers. I own a mobile home and the park is claiming I owe a lot of back rent. Have 5 days to respond. I do not feel this action is justified. Can I answer the court myself or do I need to have an Attorney prepare the response.

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  1. Though retaining an attorney is always strongly recommended, it isn’t strictly required to file an answer. Remember also that you may be required to post with the clerk all the rent they claim you owe, even if you don’t think you owe it. If you don’t both file an answer and post the rent, you could be evicted automatically, but I can’t tell you for sure. To know for sure, you should hire a lawyer.

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  2. You may represent yourself “pro se;” however, you may wish to consult with an attorney in your area. An attorney can ensure you respond to all the claims appropriately and raise any defenses.

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  3. You can do it yourself. A lawyer is better, but the courts deal with pro se people all the time.

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