I have completed my rental lease.

I have completed my rental lease. The ladlord would not meet me to review the condition of the rental. I called several times, and sent a letter asking for my security deposit back.
She is now claiming bankrupcy (we are in CA.) I want to put a lien on the propoerty or on her primary residence. Can I do this? Would I be able to file a mechanics lean? Please help.

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  1. If she has not yet filed, you need to file a small claims action immediately. You can’t just file a lien. You have to have a judgment first. Mechanics liens are highly specialized liens only available to licensed general and subcontractors and their laborers and suppliers, and even then, only for the value of the work or materials supplied to a work of improvement on the real property, AND only if certain strict procedural steps have been taken when the work starts.

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