I live in Atlanta, GA.

I live in Atlanta, GA. My lease terminates at the end of September on the 31st. I contacted my landlord at the beginning of August requesting a renewal of the lease. However, the landlord did not respond until last week, saying she would not be renewing the lease. This has placed me in a very bad situation, giving me less than a month to find another place to live. There is a “Holdover” paragraph in my lease stating the lease will go to a month to month with an increase of 125% payment require of the the original rent. However, the owner is requesting that I leave the property by the end of the month. I need at least 30 days or the end of October in order to find another home. What are my options. Do I have to be out by September 31st, what are my rights in the situation according to Georgia Law.

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  1. The terms of the lease will prevail. Have it reviewed by a local attorney.

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