I live in California.

I live in California. I am a single 43 yr old disabled woman with no minor children, and I live alone. I am wanting to purchase a modular home in a senior citizen mobile home park. I found 2 homes in 2 different senior parks. My problem is that one of the parks told me that they had to allow some disabled people into the park and said I could purchase in thier park. But the other senior mobile parks says no and that they do not have to allow and disabled people if they are under 55 yrs old.

My problem is the difference in the homes and prices are day and night and I really want to purchase the home in the park that is saying “no”? Is there anything I can legally do to get the home I want???

We do have mobile home parks that are no senior citizens only, but they are in bad parts of the town and I wouldn’t board my dog there, let alone live there.

Thank-you for any help you can give me. It is greatly appreciated!!!!

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