I was the victim of a false police report that was geared to strap me with a…

I was the victim of a false police report that was geared to strap me with a felony conviction. I resided in Irvington, New Jersey in a five story building, with about 45 apartments. I moved in in July of 2003. I became an adovcate for the building, because of what I like to call “A theft of services”, habitability issues and drug dealers. In my five plus year at this residence, I was instrumental in ridding this building of the drug dealers, having habitability issues via with holding my rent (receiving a total of three rent abatements), pressuring the landlord to fix our mail boxes, the Post Office did not deliver mail to the entire building, because of the problem with the mail boxes ( the correction of this was soley the responsibility of the landlord Ellis Equities LLC. We had no other choice, but to spend money to go pick up our mail at the post office. Then there’s the the elevator, which had not ran for TWO YEARS, along with no working bell, buzzer or intercom until I drew up a petition and took it door to door and had it signed by some of the other tenant. Several months later. the elevator was working again, for two months. Then in April of 2008 I was bitten by a mouse, I retained an attroney. The next thing that I know I received a notice to cease in June of 2008 and a notice to quit and move out alledging that I threaten and abused someone. Now in the interuim, there was a fire in the building in August 2008, Pierre Bonhomme use to reside on the fouth floor, right below the fire. He and his wife and two children moved above me. Unfortunately, after numerous occasions of tring to talk to them about the noise there children kept up and talking to the landlord to no avail, I was left unfortunately with no other option, but to call the police. The landlord and I went to court regarding his false claim against. Because of the fact that I was bitten by a mouse, I had all ready planned on moving out. On the day of court an agreement was reached, I got five months rent and full security deposit back, with the understanding that I would be out (moved) by 30 January 2009. Along with the signing of a general release (I was not advised at the time by my attorney exactly what a general release was ). I thougth this was over when I moved, (I signed a new lease on the 20th of January 2009 and moved on January 24 2009, I have proof of both respectively. Now to the fact and questions. Mr bonhomme walked into the police station on January 28th and filed a false police report, stating that I threatened to kill him and his family and that this took place on the 27th of January 2009 at 1030pm. I was in my bed at my apartment at that time, can I sue him in civilly(smalls claims court)? and what do I sue for?

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  1. He he filed a criminal charge against you falsely, you can sue him.

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