2 thoughts on “If I pay 2 guys to cut down some trees for me am I liable if an accident occurs…

  1. Independent contractors should have their own insurance. If not, you could be responsible, but your homeowner’s insurance may cover you IF they are licensed contractors (as I understand it, homeowners policies will not cover you if you hire unlicensed workers).

    An indemnity agreement… who is indemnifying whom? If it just says “I will not sue you if I get hurt,” it’s not legally valid. I would have to read the paper to know if/how it has any legal effect.

    Sarah Grosse
    Sarah Grosse, Esquire
    New Port Richey, FL 34655

  2. It depends on what caused the accident.

    Alan Wagner
    Wagner, Vaughan & McLaughlin, P.A.
    601 Bayshore Boulevard; Suite 910
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