Illegal Eviction?

Illegal Eviction?
As of May 31st we have been evicted from our apartment. We are current on rent and have not violated any of our lease aggreement.The landlord came to our house and gave us a notice to quit. He said that the Dracut police department went to his house and told him they are doing a drug raid of our apartment because they have been watching us for months and they have pictures and surveillance of us drug trafficking. He also told us he doesn’t know when the raid will happen so we should get out as quick as we can because DSS will be here and take the kids away. We went to the Dracut police department and spoke with someone about the allegations and they said they have absolutely no police reports from this address or anything about drug trafficking. Those are really serious allegations. We were also told by the police station he didn’t even serve us a legal eviction notice. What rights do we have? Should we fight this?

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    If the landlord made false threats there may be claims against him for violations of Mass law. Possibly you could recover atty fees by law if certain violations are proven. Contact me for more info if you wish.

    Craig J. Tiedemann
    Tiedemann Law Firm (TLF)
    92 State Street, Ste 700
    Boston, MA 02109

  2. Re: Illegal Eviction?
    It sounds as though your landlord is using intimidation, the threat of prosecution and other illegal means to wrongfully evict you from your apartment.

    You should speak with a landlord & tenant attorney as soon as possible to preserve your rights.

    Christopher Vaughn-Martel
    1180 Washington Street, Suite 101
    Boston, MA 02118

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