Is a Quick Claim Deed the answer?

Is a Quick Claim Deed the answer?
My husband and I reside at my parents house for three years. We are 4 siblings, three sisters and a estranged brother. My husband and I have lived closed to my parents since 1992(Bradenton Fl) until my mother’s illness (stroke, loss of right side) and the complications of the care needed(I was working at the time) parents decided to move to Miami close to my two sisters for added help.During the first year here in Miami my mother and father executed a General Power of attorney apponting my sister as attorney-in-fact or Agent since she was living in the area.Three years ago, seeing that mom and dad were in need of live-in help my husband and I decided to move to Miami and live w/parents, resigning from my job Unfortunately, my father, a retired physician began to show severe signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to the point that he needs total help with ADLs.My mother passed away last May~(he is NOT even aware)seeing my father’s poor health my sister wants to put the house under my husband and I’s name to avoid probate at a later date. Is a Quick Claim Deed appropriate for this transaction? can this POA be transferred? I don’t even know where to start, please HELP!. Your guidance on this issue will be most appreciated. Thank you~

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    This is a complex matter that requires further investigation and should not be handled
    by you. Consult an attorney. Good luck.

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