Landlord For the last 5 years I have had no lease or payment agreement…

For the last 5 years I have had no
lease or payment agreement with
my landlord . I have continued to pay $475.00 a month from the original lease. I have lived here 11 years. 5 years ago my landlords son and i met and fell in love and he moved in with me. I have been ill for 3 years and unable to work. This month SSD was approved and i received lump sum. They say I owe then 36 months at $475.00 =
$17100 in back rent while I was sick. Their son has been giving them
money but they have not credited
him with any rent. Their excuse is the money he paid he owed us any way. They have laid all it on me and I feel half of whats owing is their sons responsibility which would be $8550.00. I think that in this state it is a month to month thing according to law, there has been no meeting of the minds on what was suppose to be have been paid since the son moved in with me. They told him $300.00 a month for the last 36 months and we ususally met that each month. Went to pay them and they jumped back to the original $475 and didn’t give us credit for any of the last 36 months. Where to now?

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    This are many legal recourses you can take on this case, particularly, if (1) you have no lease to establish, validate or secure the rental amount if it changed to $300.00, (2) their son or family member have full control and enjoyment of the rental property before during and after your settlement and you have proof that the son had paid this rent and (3) This rental may have been considered void after the son move into the property a new lease agreement should have issued reflecting him as a tenant in the property. You MUST carefully review the Oklahoma Landlord and Tenant Act and contact an attorney to take legal action. Either way, do not pay anything unless there is a order signed by a judge and issued by the court to do so!!!!!

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