Landlord Tenant Law I have a month to month agreement, and have lived there 2…

Landlord Tenant Law
I have a month to month agreement, and have lived there 2 years.

My landlord is now telling me that I can not store items in my garage or sell personal items from that location. Which I have been doing more frequently as I have been unemployed for 3 months.

He is also telling me that my friends are not allowed to pull into the driveway for the purpose of picking me up or dropping me off. He is saying they must drop me off in the street. Which seems dangerous to me.

The driveway is shared by 6 tenants and only the person who parks next to my garage is complaining. I am not creating a nuisance and no cars are being left unattended.

Do I have any recourse here?

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    You don’t have any long-term recourse on this. Being a month-to-month tenant, the landlord can change the terms of your tenancy on 30 days notice. That includes things like rent increases, etc… but also applies to the rules by which you must comply. He hasn’t given you proper notice of the change of term of tenancy, however, if you tell him that as a defense to doing as he asks, he will simply correct the mistake, and w/in 30 days you will legally have to comply with his rules. As for the dropping you off in the driveway, I’m not sure how he would craft a rule that covers that, but as a month-to-month tenant who can be given a notice to terminate your tenancy on 60 days notice for no reason at all, I’m not sure that from a practical perspective it matters too much if you are right and he is wrong. Absent proof that the landlord terminated your tenancy out of retaliation (which simply objecting to his rules is not sufficient), you’ll be looking for a new place to live even if you are right.

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