Legal Malpractice?

Legal Malpractice?
2 years ago I was named as a third party in a long standing law suit between a client and contractor. Their law suit had nothing to do with me and has been going on for several years now. Almost 2 years ago I was named as a third party in this suit by the client’s attorney. I immediately sent copies of all signed contracts, disclaimers, indemnification forms, etc. to the client’s attorney to prove I had nothing to do with this case. However, they proceeded and named me anyway. Nearly 2 years later and at a cost of over $20,000 to me, the client’s attorney dropped us from the suit because we indeed had nothing to do with the case. Can I now sue for wrongfully naming me in this suit and try to recoup my legal fees?

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    these are very tough cases. In order to recover, you need to show that there was an abuse of the civl process. If the other side show any evidence which could have supported their claim, you will lose. What does you attorney think? He/she is in the best postion to evaluate the merits of you claim.

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