may son Matthew is a MP in the army.

may son Matthew is a MP in the army. he is stationed in Korea. he was married in GA a yr ago. when he went to korea he moved his wife out to vancouver, wa by his family. he need a legal sepration before she does anymore damage. he plans on living in Vancouver WA after he is discharged. his brother has power of attorney and he lives here in Vancouver.
where does Matthew need to file? wa or ga?

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  1. I would say Clark County has jurisdiction to hear this matter since the wife resides there. Georgia is also a possibility if that is where he is stationed, but that would be problematic at best for lots of reasons I won’t go into here, since I am guessing that what you really want to be able to do is file in Washington.

    As an aside, why a legal separation and not a dissolution of marriage (divorce)? Unless there is a good reason to remain legally married, I would say file for dissolution. Also, you should know that his brother signing for him will not work, regardless of the power of attorney. Military folks, even though stationed overseas, need to sign the petition themselves. That should not be a problem if he is in Korea and has an e-mail address and a scanner or fax machine.

    Best of luck and I hope this helps.

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