moble home park manager or scam artist?

moble home park manager or scam artist?
I bought a reposssed mobile home from a finance company that filed a corporate bankrutcy, reorganization, in Dec.
I have already sold it and the new owners want to move it from the mobile home park. The manager of the park called and sd we would have to pay $500 for the past lot rent and we agreed to do this. However he then called back and sd it would be $1200, trying to collect on lot rent prior to december when the finance company owned it, now he says if we will keep the mobile home there he will drop the past lot rent and give us a $100 profit for any new renter.This seems like a scam to me because he mentioned that he had tryed to buy the mobile home. He did say if we come to remove it he will have us arrested? Please let me know my rights on this. The people who bought it would like to move it this weekend. Thank you

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    He can try all he likes, but I see no criminal activity in what you are doing. He has a civil complaint which he can file in civil court if he so desires, but if the cops give you a problem, simplay tell them that it is a civil matter and he has the right to sue you. You are the owners of the trailer and with your title to it, the cops should not have a problem. He just sounds like a bully that is threatening that which he cannot do. Itr is a scare tactic that he hopes will get you to give him more money than he is due.

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