month-to-month rent increase/decread & phone charges 1.

month-to-month rent increase/decread & phone charges
1. I have a month-to-month rent of the apartment. At one point I had one rate, and later my rent was increased (no written notice). Then I know that rent rates when changing from month to month (mostly decreasing); however, my rent stayed the same. Whenever there is a change in rent rate (up or down) does landlord have to also bring rent rate up/down for all current residents (month-to-month), and not only for newcomers.

2. I moved into an apartment complex about two years ago. They provide their own telephone service (based on extentions), and they themselves use AT&T. When I moved in, I was provided only with local rates. A couple of weeks ago I started to make few international calls from time to time. Today I recieve a call from apt. manager saying that my phone bill is already $500.
Problem: AT&T charge $0.39/min; Apartment charged me ~$3.5/min (without providing me with any intl. rates beforehand, and without giving me any possible notice that I would be charged different rate from what AT&T charges, which they use).
Question: Can they do that?

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    We need to see your rental agreement but unless you live in a rent control area, they probably can. Good question about the telephone and I don’t know the answer to that one. They are essentially reselling telephone service with a mark-up. I hope somebody out there knows the answer to that one.


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  2. Re: month-to-month rent increase/decread & phone charges
    You are in a free market economy when you are on a month to month. However, they need to give you thirty day notice on rent increases. On the telephone they are I believe entitled to a reasonable mark up for the service they provide. However, your problem is that they don’t have to use AT&T at the lowest rate possible. So ask to see their bill with your calls highlighted. Then make an offer to pay them what they had to pay, plus a reasonable mark up. It’s easy enough to make a copy of a telephone bill, and provide it to you for your records. Then get yourself a cell phone. And get the hell out of these jerks’ apartment.

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