My daughter moved into a mobile home a year ago.

My daughter moved into a mobile home a year ago. There had been roaches before she moved in and the managment had it sprayed.

There were other small problems also and the managment still hasn’t taken care of these some of the problems until now.

The mobile home still has roach problems and even though my daughter has called to get her home sprayed, several times, the office blames the bug company for not coming out. The roaches are now in the yard and it seems the problem is getting worst.

One of the small problems when they moved in were two weak spots in the flooring. One in the kitchen and one in the master bathroom. My daughter has continued to ask them fix it, along with the other minor problems but nothing has gotten done.

My daughter’s boyfriend has gone through the kitchen hole. The management has now told my daughter that in order to fix the weak flooring and the hole, they will have to move out and has offered them another mobile home that is a lower quality trailer that has been treated for mold and I guess the door can be popped open with a screw driver.

The management has said that this trailer is the only thing open. My daughter has said it is in the old part of the mobile park and isn’t too inviting and alot smaller of a trailer. Her trailer is a double wide.

What can they do. Their lease is up in October.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. It seems that your daughter is not happy in this traler park. Her trailer is not what she wants, and there seem to be no other traliers in this park that meet her needs. She should move at the end of her lease to a place that better suits her needs.

    Good luck

    Anthony Smith
    P.O. Box 2336
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

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