My daughters grandmother (who adopted her) passed away.

My daughters grandmother (who adopted her) passed away.
Arleene made her power of attorney , because she has handled her every need for the past 2 yrs. Her and her 3 babies have lived in arleene house. She died sat in my daughters arms. Her oldest son is telling her to get out of her house . We cant find her will . She had said oldest son and daughter are getting nothing , the had little to do with her at all. can we find a copy of will in corts systems?

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    Well, first, was she adopted legally by the grandmother or do you mean that just figuratively?

    If she was legally adopted, then she would have the same rights as the other children.

    It would be very important to find the will.

    It is possible that the attorney who prepared the will would have a copy, if the grandmother used an attorney’s help.

    The Court would probably not have a copy.

    Unfortunately, if you are in the Richmond area there are probably a large number of attorneys.

    Does she have any idea WHEN the will was created?

    She might be able to look through the check book for that year (if it is not too long ago) and/or credit card statements, and see if there is an attorney shown on any of those checks. There could also be a business card from an attorney in her papers.

    There is no guarantee that she used an attorney, but it is a chance.

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