My parents are in their 80’s.

My parents are in their 80’s. My father has alzheimers. I am concerned about his welfare in the event that my mother passes away first. My husband and I live in California but my parents reside in Connecticut. I think we need to create some type of health directive and will/trust, etc. whereby my sister and I share in the responsibiity for the survivors care and have equal responsiblitly in the division of their estate upon the final survivors death. My parents have an existing health directive but I do not know if this will be congruant with a new will/trust. Please advise. We want to proceed with some action as soon as possible.


Chistine Johnson

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  1. You can retain an attorney in CT to draft the necessary paperwork and then have the documents executed by your parents. If your father is not competent, then he can not execute the documents.

    Linda Subbloie
    Linda A. Subbloie, Esq.
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