Owner Selling Condo and Listing Agent right to enty?

Owner Selling Condo and Listing Agent right to enty?
I have rented a condo for approx. 3 years and am on month to month. The condo owner gave me 3 days notice of intent to sell and listing agent promptly installed a lock box on my door. I have pets and so far the dog is scared to death! My question is: do they have to give me a certain amount of notice and can they enter whenever and with however many people. they have also gotten rid of the property manage i dealt with and given my deposit to the condo owner brother. Help.

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    You cannot be evicted on less than 30 days’ notice when you are on a month to month tenancy. As far as the ability of the landlord to give access to the realtor to show the property, this is probably permitted in the original lease, although they should give you advance notice of an inspection to give you an opportunity to be prepared for it. This is to the landlord/seller’s advantage as much as it is to yours.

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    If this is a written lease agreement, section 8-501 of Maryland’s Real Property Article requires that “no written agreement between a landlord and a tenant provide for a longer notice period to be furnished by the tenant to the landlord in order to terminate the tenancy than that required of the landlord to the tenant in order to terminate the tenancy.” In other words the notice period for lease termination should ideally be the same between the landlord and the tenant. If your lease agreement allows you a three-day notice period for notifying the landlord that you are terminating a lease, then the landlord, unless specified otherwise in the lease, may have the same notice period.

    Your rights hinge on what is contained in your lease agreement. You did not mention in your message what the lease says about notice.

    Regarding your security deposit, under section 8-203(3) of Maryland’s Real Property Article, the landlord is still liable to you for return the return of your security deposit even when the property is sold.

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