Powers of Attorney & Will 1.

Powers of Attorney & Will
1. Do I need a laywer to create a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care; General Power of Attorney & Designation of Guardian; and Executor of an Estate?

2. Can I official file these documents with a state agency, so that it is all official?

3. How do I give my child legal guardianship over me as I aging and not comfortable with paying my own bills, or preparing my own food? What state agency would assist in making this official and legal?

4. Can I write a simple will although all of my real estate property (land survey of boundaries) is not completely in order? My husband died without a will and now my 2 children have 1/3 stake in the property. Can I write a simple will that states that I will my property and possessions to my 2 living children equally 50/50?

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  1. Re: Powers of Attorney & Will
    1. No, but then you don’t NEED a dentist to pull a tooth.
    2. You don’t need to file them anywhere; just make sure they are technically correct.
    3. There is no state agency in GA. You go through the Probate Court, with your son as the applicant for guardianship.
    4. Yes, but see 1., above.

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