Purchase Agreement of a Mobile home.

Purchase Agreement of a Mobile home.
son in-law purchased a mobile home through a private seller on 06/08/07. first initial payment was due in July. there is a contract between seller and buyer on terms. during July the seller and office manger of the park had been sending people to look at their home saying it was for sale which it was not, got advise from a attny. stating to put a sign in the window saying not for sale. then in Aug 07. we were in our park office and noticed a posting for selling the home. we got a copy of it. they home was to be paid off in 24 months, although i was paid in full in Aug 07. now the seller is taking them to court stating he is the landlord and wants to evicted them. and he never recieved any payments payment. we have a copy of the pay off. anyway can the seller be classifed as a landlord ? son in-law rents from the park not the seller since it was a private purchase. he has been harassed from day one thye have made false reports in order to get the park to vict them saying they were fighting pit bulls in their home, which was investigated and found to be false. should we ask the courts to remove the case since the seller in not the landlord? seller is petitioning residents to try to have them evicted . since july.

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    I assume that your son-in-law has the title of the home and that he is paying the lot rent. It sounds like under the circumstances, you should have an attorney representing your interests and sue for punitive damages. If you would like me to represent you, I would be glad to take a look at the case. Please feel free to contact me at lawref@lawrefs.com / http://www.lawrefs.com.

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