Rental lease termination I recently got a job approx.

Rental lease termination
I recently got a job approx. 1.5 hours from where i had a leased apartment. I have six months left on my lease and i could npt afford to drive back and forth. I talked to my landlord and she would not let me out of my lease until either i find someone to sublet the apartment, or she puts it on a list and she leases it. In the mean time i cannot afford to move into another place near my new job and i have since moved out of the apartment and i am living with my mother until i can get this resolved. I actually make less now then at my previous job which i left for personal reasons, so i could not afford the apartment now anyway. My question is, is there anyway i can get out of my lease under my current situation? What can i do, i am running out of money, and what happens when i cant pay the rent or my other bills because i am still paying on this apartment?

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    Your landlord gave you your out (very reasonable I might add). Find someone to sublease the apartment. If you cannot see if you ca nstructure a buy out of your lease with your landlord. A month or two of rent. You will have to pay soemthing but its less than being responsible for a whole year’s rent.

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