Selling of house with renters and landlords.

Selling of house with renters and landlords…
My wife died and i put our house up for rent and me and my tenants are on a month to month lease and i have told them the house will be put in someone elses name. If these is the new owneres house to live in once the paperes are signed over would the new owner have the right to give a 24-72hr notice to vacate the property?

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    I apologize if this doesn’t correctly answer your question, however, your post is extremely confusing. You cannot rent from yourself, so I’m not clear on the first part of your post. Also, why would you put the home in someone else’s name – that doesn’t make any sense without more facts. As to your question about termination of tenancy of the renters, no you cannot give them 24/72 hours notice. Assuming they are legal tenants (which it appears from the rather convoluted set of facts you gave that they are), and to terminate their tenancy, you must give them 60 days notice, unless they have lived there less than one year, in which case they need only be given 30 days notice.

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